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Moreover it's postponted until the end of October!

Ichiro Fujita Exhibition 「It's symptom is dairyache」 KarteⅨ        dairyache is coined word.⬆
Ichiro Fujita Exhibition 「It's symptom is dairyache」 KarteⅨ dairyache is coined word.⬆

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Ichiro Fujita Exhibition 「it's symptom is dairyache.」 KarteⅨ(⬆Dairyache is coined word.)

Ichiro fujita exhibition 「It's symptom is dairyache.」KarteⅨ(Dairyache is coined word.↑)
Ichiro fujita exhibition 「It's symptom is dairyache.」KarteⅨ(Dairyache is coined word.↑)

🔴👉 Place Harajuku Art・IN・Gallery

          The end of October, 2020

                Time 11:00~19:00 

             (the last day to 16:00)


Harajuku Art ・IN・Gallery

⏩Subway/ Chiyoda line・Fukutoshin line 「Meijijingu mae station」 5th exit (5minutes on foot.)

⏩JR Yamanote line 「Harajuku stations」(6minutes on foot.)

⏩Subway/ Ginza line・Hanzoumon line 「Omote sandou station」A2 exit 

(6minutes on foot.)

Ichiro Fujita's Gallery

Ichiro fujita's pictures gallery.(a work in the past)〈around 2004~2005〉

When a hotel I was left, they're 1 a day and the work which was being decided and drawn.There are such about 150 works. It was being drawn like an automatic writing. By the way, it's being drawn by a mechanical


Self introduction, way of thinking to a picture and easy background.!

Brief summary of career

It was born in 1972.

In 1994, I graduated from licensed cook school.

In1994, I joined in corporation Hotel New Otani.“Cooking department”

In 2005, Corporation Hotel New Otani is left.“Cooking department chairman.”

 2012、The first exhibition “Yumeria”gallery

I'm entering a work in a lot of  art contests to give a skill of picture.

 2016年  The 2nd time exhibition HARAJUKU Art in gallery

Record of awards

NIKA design exhibition .                               

The 81th time. in1996 winning of the prize  

The 89th time. in2004 winning of the prize  

The 90 th time. in 2005 choice prize        

  The 91th time .in 2006 winning of the prize

The 92th time. in 2007 winning of the prize     

The 100th time. in 2015 associate winning of the prize

The CHIBA design exhibition.                     


The 55th time in2005 Chiba advertisement society chief prize               

The 56th time in 2006  Jack pot

The 57th time in 2007 Chiba prefectural museum of art chief  prize

SEKAIDO jack pot exhibition

The 3th time in 2007  winning of the prize

The 6th time in 2010  support prize

The 7th time in 2011  winning of the prize       The 8th time in 2012  winning of the prize

The 9th time  in 2013  support  prize

Art exhibition of  Nerima-ku people

The 39th time in 2008  award of effort

The 40th time in 2009  incentive award

The 43th time in2012  head of educational committee prize

The 44th time  in2013  art museum chief  prize

The 45th time in 2014  Head man of ward prize

Illustration contest of a cat  which is commemoration KYANETTO 40th anniversary in 2011        jack pot



Self introduction and way of thinking to a picture.

Thank you very much for noticing❗

A picture is being drawn, My name is Ichiro fujita.

 I was drawing a picture and was working as a cook at a hotel. but I quarreled with a company at 32 years old, and determined to live with a picture. A picture has not been learned tightly, so it's being drawn somehow by feeling.

 If an intense inferiority complex to the people and themselves who can't be ordinarily, the natural environment it won't be at all and the heart which has no whereabouts are given, it's endless. In short the life-style which shouldn't be developed primarily is being done and a picture is being drawn for the people who can be here. When I say extremely, how is it is also fine for the people who can ordinarily live. Because you can live by yourself.

 A word is usually difficult, but. The ordinary standard is different respectively and I usually begin to the feel the one what is which. Even one thinks it's being talked about, but that what is sad and draws a painful picture carelessly am I of the total stranger who isn't also the family? 

 But I noticed , when the first time of good exhibition was done withe this. That even regrettable sympathy is able to heal person! Because there was a person who rejoiced while shedding tears.

there are a lot of painful pictures  very sadly,  but I make people shed tears by this regrettable sympathy, and would like to heal and go. 

And clinical psychologists books is being sometimes read to know inside the deeply recently.“In particular,I like the example collection.”   

thank you very much for reading!